Canon PIXMA G3010 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA G3010 Drivers Download– On this occasion, will discuss Canon PIXMA G3010 Drivers Download. Before that, we will learn the advantages of the Canon G31010 printer and its series equipped with the original ink tank.

Before going through it, you will need to know what type of Canon has the rechargeable ink tank system. “4 new Inktank printer types from Canon G series G1010, G2010, G3010, and G4010″ Canon.

This type of Canon Inktank printer is presented to give a choice as to whether the correct printer “We need because in the three types of printers have a difference that is quite a significance in both the Printer and budget facilities.

On this occasion, the printer arena will attempt to encapsulate and review one of the units chosen by Canon printers, the following..

First and most affordable among some other Canon G-Series, this Printer has certainly also implemented the CISS (Continous Ink Supply System), or the easy understanding is the system of ink removal that runs continuously or is better known 2/3 years ago is a system of modification/infusion.

Canon Pixma G1010 Review

With the Canon PIXMA G3010, you can print borderless photos. Photographic prints by using G3000 are guaranteed to be riveting and clear.

  • The maximum print resolution implanted on the Canon PIXMA G3010 is 4800 x 1200 dpi.
  • The Printer uses Canon’s hybrid ink technology, which makes it capable of delivering crisp, clear prints. Be it for black and white print or color printing.
  • For the print speed, this Printer can print a color document with a speed of about 5, 0 IPM, while for black and white documents, it speeds JOURS 8, 8 IPM.
  • For color photos of size four × 6 “, this Printer can print it in 60 seconds.

 G3010 Printer uses paper size:

  • A4, A5, B5
  • Letter
  • Envelope (DL, COM10)
  • Square (5 x 5 “)
  • Business Cards
  • Special Size (width 55 – 215.9 mm, length 89 – 676mm)

The Canon PIXMA G3010 has a dimension of approximately 445 x 330 x 163 mm, weighing about 6.3 kg. The compact design it has makes it easily placed wherever you need it.

Canon PIXMA G3010 has a flatbed type scanner with an optical resolution of 600 × 1200 dpi. The line scan speed of Canon PIXMA G3010 is about 1.5 MS/row (300 dpi) for black and white documents, and the scan speed of the document is roughly 3.5 MS/row (300 dpi).

The maximum document size that that can be scanned via Canon PIXMA G3010 is A4.

  • For the copy function, the duplication rate for the color document is an average of 24 seconds, while for the black and white document speed is about 3.5 IPM.
  • A few copies of G3010 could produce one of 20 copies of the page.
  • The Printer’s integrated G3010 ink tank makes it simple and compact. You can also Mauri the remaining ink capacity easily and quickly as ink tanks that Couple is on the front of the Printer.

For ink, the Canon PIXMA G3010 uses ink that can print 7000 sheets. Ink is:

  • GI-790 Black 135ml
  • GI-790 Magenta 70ml
  • GI-790 Cyan 70ml
  • GI-790 Yellow 70ml

The 790 GI ink bottle is made with a jug cap that disintegrates the potential for spills. It likewise makes it more straightforward to do the ink Refill without any sprinkles.

Applying the same technology with other G-Series types with a continuous refill ink system, this type is superior in some facilities compared with G1010 because this Printer has multifunctional use that can be used to to print, scan, and copy.

Being completely paperless is very important but still not as easy. A completely digital and paperless environment is still possible decades away, and printer requirements are still in high demand. While most offices and homes today invest in printers as the most needed tool for work, the top concern for both segments is the cost of running.

Printers as equipment are very cheap, but the cost involved in maintaining the same is what the consumer hits. Think of it like having a car that has low mileage.

So, if you have a printer, you must keep it running frequently to avoid print head drying, which is the most expensive replaceable part. Regardless of the head drying up, you have to refill the ink cartridges, which do not come with good cheap.

Almost all companies that manufacture printers offer starter ink cartridges consisting of several milliliter inks that can print an average of 500 – 1,000 pages.

This Cartridge needs to be replaced with the original, as replenishment of the ink cartridge will put your Printer out of warranty. Since the warranty is the main problem, the user is finally forced to buy the original Cartridge,, which is quite expensive.

While ink cartridges come in two variants – Standard and XL, they are also vulnerable to running out, ensuring you finally lighten your pockets at least once each month.

The Black XL cartridge can store up to 20ml of ink, generating around 300pages and a cost as high as RS 1500 for RS 18, 00, placing the cost of each black print on RS 6 average per copy. 

The current inkjet Printer also has another unique way of measuring the amount of ink balance on the tank cartridge. No, there is no sensor in the tank to know the exact level of ink remaining or used.

For example, if your Cartridge is pronounced for generating 1,000 pages on a full tank, the Printer will report an empty cartridge after exactly 1,000 pages — including computed paper jams. So, whether you print a single point on all 1,000 pages or a completely black page, an ink tank is expected to give you 1,000 pages until it shows an empty one.

In the first case, if you print only one point on 1,000 pages, your Cartridge will still have more than 90 percent of the ink balance, but the Printer will force you to replace the Cartridge,, thinking that the Cartridge is now empty.

In the second case, where you print the entire black page, your Cartridge will run out of ink in about 200 pages or less, and the Printer will still not allow you to replace the ink tank as it still thinks there is a lot of ink left.

What is needed in the current Printer is intelligence on the amount of ink spread over the page in the ratio to the amount of ink in the tank.

The above example is a fact; hence, the printer company is usually poorly named as ‘ making money through the sale of cartridges. ‘ The fact is partly true because it would be cheaper to buy the original Cartridge rather than void your warranty.

Refill cartridges will not provide the quality of the molded ink used varies in quality and color compared to the original. Also, you end up losing the warranty.

However, in the end, you could also come up with a possible claim that buying a new printer is cheaper than picking a new cartridge.

Another major concern is that consumers think twice about buying printers at home or in small offices if the volume of printing is low. Many printers have a cartridge producing high but still need a replacement after they are exhausted.

However, the most expensive part of the Cartridge is the print head, after the ink itself. Therefore the Ink tank printer concept appears. While leading printer manufacturers slowly carry ink tank printers for consumers with high print volume requirements, are they good enough as investments? The answer is yes, as long as you have a high print volume.

Canon Pixma G3010 is one of the highest-grade Canon printer type number 2 under Canon’s latest G series printer,, which has been recently launched in G4010.

This Canon G3010 Printer has the same printing technology as the G2010 or G1010 series. Still, this type has a complete connectivity connection because this Printer, in addition to USB Connection 2.0, also has a connection via Wireless/wireless.

Printers always play an important role in today’s modern house with a tendency to print out their documents for different aspects of life. We print our boarding passes, income tax documents, family photos,, or secret letters to someone special.

Having a standby printer for urgent printing needs is easier at any time. Due to space and cost concerns, the all-in-one multifunctional printer is even more ideal for home operations and small business offices.

Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient G3010 is the ideal Printer for home and small businesses. This multi-function Printer can easily copy, print, and scan to your phone, tablet, and laptop over WiFi. Featuring a 1.2-inch segment LCD screen, G3010 makes printing and scanning easy and improves ease of use for a wide range of printer configuration options without PCS, including WiFi setup. The Printer supports wireless connections directly to mobile devices and tablets without a router. Connect and print.


The compact PIXMA G3010 will surely have space savings in mind for design. The small form factor makes it easy to get into your home or office without consuming much space.

It also plays a role as a copier and scanner, thereby saving additional space for other machines to serve the same purpose. With wireless function, G3010 will save space in a small room but still provide multi-function All-In-One printers.

Instead of hanging an ink tank next to the Printer’s chassis, the G3010 Ink tanks are integrated into the printer body. Each tank is designed to allow for a visual indication of the remaining ink level for the user without requiring data processing on the computer. Additionally, it adds some color to the conventional Printer.

The Control Panel on the side easily provides a One-Touch direct wireless connection to your smartphone.


Designed for high-volume printing, PIXMA G3010 Fuel satisfies the needs of high-demand businesses by delivering black-and-white document pages up to 6,000 and a 7,000-color document page on a four-bottle ink package set. Printing speeds are acceptable for a compact body.

Without needing to replace ink cartridges, businesses can reduce costs on the supply of ink while spending less time on printer maintenance. PIXMA G3010 can print beautiful, high-quality 4R photos in just 60 seconds and supports the output of borderless photos on glossy paper up to A4 size.

PIXMA G3010 joins the benefits of remote availability with printing from cell phones, for example, cell phones and tablets. The Canon Print Inkjet/SELPHY app makes Mobile printing an easy scan for iOS and Android OS devices.

At the same time, the Canon Print Service plugin offers driverless printing functionality for smartphones and tablets running on Android OS. With the ease of setup a wireless connection, G3010 can instantly generate the prints you need without the hassle of installing software onto a computer.

If you are looking for a printer that is compact, low cost to maintain and offers some functionality, then look no further. The Canon PIXMA G3010 is a printer that you should consider. An All-in-one printer packs many impressive features in a compact body that won’t burden you with high printing and maintenance costs—it is highly recommended for high-volume printing at an affordable cost.

This type is the last and highest current type of the Canon PIXMA G-Series series, technology and the same application of printing system with previous types of printers certainly have specs and facilities that are superior to all due to the highest and have the sale price of the most expensive Canon G-series printers.

This Canon G4010 Printer, in addition to having complete connectivity and full and varied software support to realize the powerful high-tech dream printer, supports USB 2.0 high-speed Connection, WiFi, Mopria, AirPrint, and Access Point Mode.

In addition to the complete function of printers from the previous series, there are print, scan, copy,, and fax functions. The ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) makes this Printer can to copying/scanning up to 20 sheets automatically.

And many more advantages and advantages if discussed in detail about the advantages and advantages of this most expensive Canon ink tank manufacturing.

Canon Pixma G4010 is the latest Canon multifunctional printer series to be launched alongside three other printer series, namely G1010, G2010, and G3010. The latest four printer series Canon Pixma G Series, comes with the newest technology to produce crisp, bright, borderless prints and photo quality.

An integrated ink tank system attached to the printer’s body makes it easy to see the remaining ink and know when to refill it. For one bottle,, refill ink can be printed up to 7000 full-color sheets and 6000 black and white sheets. When refilling ink is also very easy. The Taper ink bottle design prevents ink from spilling over the refill. What are the advantages of Canon Pixma G4010 series printers? Let’s see further the benefits below.

Printer function Canon Pixma G4010

  • This Printer is included in the category of multifunctional printers, the main function of which is to print, scan, duplicate documents, and fax.

Print speed

  • Canon PIXMA G4010 has a print speed according to ISO Standard (A4): Up to 8, 8IPM for black and white print mode and up to 5, 0IPM for color print mode.

More efficient with Auto Document Feeder (ADF)

  • The ADF highlight is additionally implanted in this Canon PIXMA G4010 printer. This mechanization include makes it simple to output or duplicate multiple documents directly without needing them one by one. Make your time more efficient in copying and duplicating records.

Integrated Ink Container System

  • Built-in integrated ink containers create a compact printer body. Users can also easily see the remaining ink remaining at a glance. So users of this Printer can know when to refill printer ink.

Supports borderless printing

  • One of the superior features is that it offers printing photos without borderless borders up to A4 size.

Borderless Photo Print Feature

  • With this Canon PIXMA G4010 printer, You get a lot of benefits and many uses in one device. You can print, copy documents, duplicate documents, fax, print from your laptop or mobile device, borderless print photos, scan and copy efficiently, and continue with the ADF feature. This Printer is beneficial once it is suitable for use in your office or home.

Canon PIXMA G3010 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA G3010 Drivers Download Support for:

  • Android
  • Mobile
  • Tablets
  • Linux
  • Mac Os X
  • Windows


IJ Start Canon G3010 for Mobile/ Android/ Tablet

IJ Start Canon Pixma G3010 Series Drivers
Canon Pixma G3010 Series Android Driver Support

Canon PIXMA G3010 Drivers Windows 32bit/ 64bit

IJ Start Canon Pixma G3010 Series Drivers
Canon Pixma G3010 Series Full Driver Support Download
Canon Pixma G3010 Series Driver Support Download

Canon Pixma G3010 Software Download for Windows 32bit/ 64bit

IJ Start Canon Pixma G3010 Software
Canon Pixma G3010 Series Easy-PhotoPrint Editor
IJ Network Device Setup Utility
Canon Pixma G3010 Series My Image Garden
Canon Pixma G3010 Series PosterArtist Updater
Canon Pixma G3010 Series PosterArtist Lite
Canon Pixma G3010 Series IJ Printer Assistant Tool

IJ Start Canon G3010 Linux 32bit/ 64bit

IJ Start Canon Pixma G3010 Series Drivers
ScanGear MP for Linux (debian) Support
ScanGear MP for Linux (Source file) Support
ScanGear MP for Linux (rpm) Support
IJ Printer Driver for Linux (Source file)Support
IJ Printer Driver for Linux (rpm) Support
IJ Printer Driver for Linux (debian) Support

Canon Pixma G3010 Manual Download

IJ Start Canon Pixma G3010 Software
Getting Started Guide
Guide for EasyPhotoPrint Editor for Windows
User Manual for Windows
Guide for EasyPhotoPrint Editor (Mac)
ScanGear MP Operation guide for Linux
IJ Printer Driver Operation guide for Linux

Canon PIXMA G3010 Series Reviews Printers– The PIXMA G3010 is a Refillable Ink Tank Wireless All-In-One for High Volume Printing. Proposed for high volume printing at low running cost.

Welcome to sensible cordless printing at home—an ideal position for the simplicity of joining your PDA, tablet, and your most esteemed gadgets effectively. Print out and channel straight forward, even from the cloud or total press.

Essentially download the application (only available on iOS) and place your device over the photo to open the puzzle messages. Welcome to sensible cordless printing at home—a favorable position for the ease of adequately appending your phone, tablet, and your most adored devices.

Print out and channel straight forward, even from the cloud or aggregate press. The PIXMA MG3010 is an All-In-One PC printer with nearly nothing, so it is the ideal size with all the present right features.

The blend printer ink structure solidifies shading printer ink for exuberant tones and dull shaded shade printer ink for crisp, to a great degree, sharp substance. Perfect for use in the home, home office, and privately owned business conditions, paying little mind to whether you print documents or photos.

Our multi-work contraption goes with unmatched page outcomes of Color: 7,000 pages. Dim: 6,000 pages *, which implies you can value vital save stores with low printing costs.

The new Canon MG3010 remote multifunctional printer1 is appropriate for anybody longing for a modest, excellent printer that gives genuine print trustworthiness, improved client efficiency, and straightforward utilization.

The PIXMA MG3010 is unrealistically helpful with numerous approaches to remotely print. With the Canon PRINT application, you’ll essentially print photographs and archives straightforwardly from your Apple or robot cell phones.

The PIXMA G3010 half-breed ink framework utilizes new crossover shade inks and colors that offer further blacks for fresh content quality and striking shading for outwardly excellent printing.

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